Comp. 120
Mr. Lindgren
Group Contract

First thing we will hit on will be attendance. If one of us misses class for any reason it is their responsibility to ask the other group members what we went over that day and if there is any homework. We plan on trying to set up group meetings when everyone can make it but sometimes it might not work out so we will be lenient on that. We can make a list of days we are free and check and see what days work for us. When you tell the group you are going to do something we trust you to get it done and if it’s not done it will affect the whole group. If someone in the group repeatedly doesn’t do their part in the group the other member have to the right to ask the other member to leave the group. Before we ask them to leave they have 3 strikes before they are asked to leave. Along with getting the strikes, each strike you will have to write a 350word apology letter to the group and if you fail with the letter you will be kicked out of the group. What we want to get out of this group project is to learn how to build a internet page on an important person and share to people what this person has accomplished and also make the pages flow together and to get people’s attention. A grade we would want to get is an A but we all think a B is fine but nothing lower than that. We all kind of have the same opinion on Brett Favre but we do listen to everyone and what they have for ideas. A way we can choose what we want to do it with a group vote since we have 3 members so there can’t be a tie. Everyone should have equal parts in the group so that no one is doing more work than another which isn’t fair to the person that is stuck doing more work. Every group member has something to bring to this so don’t hold back anything. If you have an idea just say it. We have all swapped numbers and emails so we can get a hold of each other if we need anything. We plan on splitting up the pages equally so no one has to be doing more work and they have control over those pages. They decide what to put on them but can also ask group members what they think of the page and see if there is anything that needs to be fixed or added. We believe if we do out work and try our hardest on our assignments there should be no reason to get a grade that is lower than a B.

Justin Kaster

Derek Weinreis

Christian Barnum