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1.1) Toughness
1.2) Achievements
1.2.1) Major
1.2.2) Minor
1.3) Early Career
1.4) Later Career
1.5) Work Cited
1.6) Personal Life
1.7) Leadership
1.8) Personality

English 120
Website Notes
Derek, Justin, Christian

1. Yeah so far our length is good on each page and the words help to build the dominant impression. Talk about his career and how much he means to football. Maybe a little more length on some pages and fix some grammar and font errors.
2. Information is just the right amount.
3. Paragraphs are in good order for now but may be changed as we do our peer reviews. Pages work together well do need to work with font and font size.
4. Work on font colors and we need to do a peer review.
5. We have good start to that with our pictures that we have all chosen.
6. The tools are very easy to use and our names reflect what we talk about. Maybe add a slideshow or poster to the website and some videos of Favre ripping it up.